About Us

What can I talk to the Access Advisory Committee about?

Any issues relating to access to facilities that are designed for public use can be discussed with the Committee:

– Parking Facilities – Services
– Parks and Recreational facilities – Shops and businesses
– Pedestrian crossings – Shopping centres
– Playgrounds – Streets and footpaths
– Public buildings – Traffic lights
– Public toilets – Transport


Access Advisory Committee - committed to providing universal access

Members are interested volunteers drawn from our local community and may include:

  • people with a range of disabilities, family members and carers
  • representatives from disability support groups and interested local community agencies
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Access Consultant
  • representatives from local businesses, Gympie Chamber of Commerce, Destination Gympie Region
  • representatives from local public transport providers
  • Appointed ex-officio Councillor from Gympie Regional Council, currently Cr Rae Gâté